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We sell and assemble studs (shear connectors) according to PN-EN ISO 13 918 for surface mounting on steel structures that will eventually form a kind connection of steel structure to concrete. Bolts (Shear connectors) are made of structural steel S235J2+C450 or S355J2+C450. Bolts (Shear connectors) offered by us are produced in the company TERMIKA Ltd. under the name of "TERMIKA SD". Shear connectors have a European Technical Approval ETA -11/0363 and CE confirmed by certificate 1488-CPD-0236/W issued by the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

We also offer studs (shear connectors) from other global producers which have admission to trading with studs (shear connectors) in the European Union. Regardless of the manufacturer, all of shear connectors offered by us have the Certificate of Acceptance (Mill Certificate), the European Technical Approval and CE certificate.

In addition to the offer of selling of shear connectors we also provide welding services in wide diameter range of our own or entrusted material using the latest welding machine Nelson N6000/2. We have a Welding Performance Qualification Record WPQR for the method 783, and all our operators have Approval test certificate for welding operators.

Comprehensive services of supply and welding include:

  • supply of shear connectors with the mandatory documents,
  • prepare a Quality Assurance Plan for the service,
  • routing and cleaning of the surface,
  • welding,
  • quality control and inspection,
  • technical consulting,
  • thermal diagnostics,
  • supply of materials,
  • supply of equipment necessary for the proper performance of the work,
  • financing of investments,
  • warranty service,
  • training of using devices.
Additionally, we offer comprehensive construction services, insulation and thermal insulation industry.